Loss of Fullness and Volume

Facial Aging process: Major contributors to facial aging include sun exposure, pollution, smoking, stress. Facial aging is a natural, cells begin to renew themselves more slowly. Skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid which offering less support and volume causing skin to become thinner and looser. Additionally, long-term facial expressions can increase facial aging. Over time, a combination of all these factors contribute to the three Ds of aging.

The 3 Ds of aging:

Deterioration – fine lines, wrinkles

Descent – drooping or sagging skin

Deflation – loss of fullness or volume

The aging process throughout of our life in general:

35s – beginning of crow’s feet around eyes, fine lines appear on forehead, smile lines appear

45s – wrinkle/lines deepen, corners of mouth turn down, skin loses its elasticity, crows feet more obvious, neck begins to show fine lines & wrinkles

55s – skin along jawline, nasolabial, eyelid area starts to sag, lip volume decrease, skin becomes thinner on cheeks and in the mid face area

65s – all the above begin to worsen

Loss of Fullness and Volume
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