Botox Cosmetic Injection

Botox injection in Richmond Hill

Botox Cosmetic Injection for Smoothing out wrinkles, face contouring, calf contouring, shoulder bald contouring and hyperhidrosis.

Botox Cosmetic Injection it has been used safely by millions of individuals around the world for almost twenty years. Approved for cosmetic use by FDA, Botox harmlessly paralyzes the muscles that cause facial wrinkles by repetitive facial expressions.

Botox Cosmetic Injection is a prescription medicine that causes selective weakening of muscles by interrupting the nerve impulse traveling from the nerve to the muscle at the neuromuscular junction. The nerve impulse travels down the nerve but cannot get to the muscle. The muscle does not contract and as a result the overlying skin not wrinkle and fold.

Wrinkles develop over time due to several factors: collagen breakdown, hormonal losses, cellular changes, damage by free radicals and muscle movement among other factors. Ultimately even those who follow strict skin regimens and avoid sun exposure cannot completely avoid muscle contraction which causes creases in the skin over time.

Our facial muscles contract every time we show expression. When we raise our eyebrows in astonishment or bring them together during times of anger, we use facial muscles. As these muscles contract, the overlying skin creases and over time these lines become more pronounced causing wrinkles.

Botox Cosmetic injection not only helps to smoothing out wrinkles but reduce excessive sweating and body odor. Sweat is produced when the small muscles around sweat glands squeeze the liquid out, Botox Cosmetic injection can paralyze those small muscles, then the sweat glands are no longer functioning like they normally would.

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